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What's wrong with my brakes

  • Why has my brake warning/ ABS light come?

    This is a common fault and an early indication of your brakes requiring attention. Check your brake fluid levels, but if they’re fine and the handbrake is off, it could be related to the wear of your brake pads or the handbrake shoes. In all cases professional assistance should be sought to assess the problem immediately

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  • Why are my brakes squealing?

    There are many reasons for your brakes to squeal when you press on the vehicle brakes however the most common faults are worn brake pads, contaminated brake pads (rust, moisture oil etc.) and lack of lubrication to the required moving parts. Contact a brake specialist to discuss a solution

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  • Why are my brakes making a grinding noise/ rumbling?

    Grinding can often be the sign of a more serious fault. A more 'industrial' noise like grinding or rumbling can indicate a serious wearing down of brake pads, causing the steel back plate to "grind" on the brake discs. You should look to have the parts replaced and stop driving the vehicle immediately

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  • Why are my brakes pulling to one side/ uneven braking?

    This can be due to wearing of a brake pad on one side, causing one side to brake properly but not the other, creating a pull to one side effect. More often the piston within the brake calliper has seized also causing the effect of braking on one side. In both cases professional attention should be sought to address the problem at once

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  • Why are my brakes pulsing/ bumpy/ vibrating

    Brake discs that have become warped due to being excessively worn, overheated or low grade quality will result in a pulsing sensation at the brake pedal as the pads undulate with the rise and fall of the brake disc. As the fault progressively gets worse rumbling and vibration can cause further damage to the brake system. In all cases the driver should seek specialist assistance and stop driving the vehicle immediately

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  • Why is my brake pedal close to the floor?

    If your brake pedal is travelling to far to the floor the most common faults will be worn brake pads, low or contaminated brake fluid or a leak on the hydraulic system. Like several faults here, you can begin with checking the brake fluid levels, and it may be obviously low. Leaks in the system can sometimes be visible as well, but failing this, you should consult an expert

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  • Why is my car taking a long time to stop/ less responsive?

    Sometimes your brakes will still work, but they seem to have grown weak. It takes longer to stop, or you get less braking power when you apply the brakes suddenly. Commonly, worn brake pads, or low/ contaminated brake fluid are the probable causes. Seek a brake specialist to offer repair advice

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  • Why is my steering wheel shaking when I brake?

    The most probable cause for this is the front brake discs being warped, hot spots (slight irregularities) on your discs caused by excessive heat, or pad impressions. If your car sits for long periods without moving, moisture from rain or high humidity causes your rotors to rust, except for the patch of disc surface where the pads rest. This patch of uneven rotor surface is called a pad impression and will cause the brakes to pulsate. Consult a mechanic to assist with diagnosis and repair

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  • Why are my brakes sticking/ jerking?

    Your brakes should apply themselves smoothly and evenly when you push on the brake pedal. If they seem to suddenly grab, or jerk it, would indicate the brake pads are very worn or the discs are damaged. In both cases professional attention should be sought to address the problem

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  • Why are my brakes seized/ locking/ not releasing/ hard?

    While there are several reasons brakes lock up, one is a dragging calliper piston. The friction this causes heats brake fluid and increases the pressure in the brake lines, locking a single wheel. You should look to have the parts replaced immediately and  stop driving the vehicle 

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  • Why are my brakes spongy/ no pressure/ soft?

    Spongy brakes are usually an indication that there is air in the brake lines. It is also possible the brake fluid is low, or contaminated.  Drivers who feel pulsating in their vehicle should ask a mechanic to look at the brake system, including the pads which could be worn immediately

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  • My brakes smell of burning?

    A common error is the driver has left the handbrake on.  Failing this, it could indicate a more serious problem with your brake calliper pistons – if they have caused the brake to drag, then the friction could result in the burning smell. If you don’t have the know-how to check this yourself, then it will be one for the professionals.

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Service Information

  • How can I tell if my brakes need attention?

    The most common indicators of your brakes needing attention are the dashboard warning light remaining on (Handbrake light), grinding or squeaking from the brakes. Irregular or unusual sensations through the brake pedal such as pulsing or rumbling should also be checked out

    Spongy, seized or pulling brakes also should receive professional attention immediately for you and your passenger safety

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  • When does my brake fluid need replacing?

    Brake fluid is one of the most vital components of your braking system and one of the most overlooked in respect of maintenance. Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture. As the water content in your brake fluid increases, the effectiveness of your brakes decreases. Manufacturer recommendations suggest that the brake fluid is replaced every two years or 24,000 miles. This figure would decrease further if you often drive in heavy traffic or in harsh conditions.

  • How often do I need to recharge my air-con?

    In-car air-conditioning systems should be recharged every two years or 24,000 miles. Keep your car cool in the summer and your windows demisted in the winter with our advanced 3 stage air conditioning service.

  • What's included in your servicing packages?

    Please "click here" for full details on our full service package.

    Please "click here" for full details on our interim service package.

  • How often should I change the coolant on my vehicle?

    A vehicle's coolant should be changed roughly every 24,000 to 36,000 miles. You may want to consider changing it more often if you regularly drive in hot temperatures.

  • How often should I change the brake fluid on my vehicle?

    Brake fluid should be changed and flushed through the braking system every two years maximum or less if more than 24,000 miles are completed in this period.

  • What's included in your Brake Diagnostics inspection?

    Please "click here" for full details on our full service package.

  • I'm unsure if its my front brakes or rear brakes that need attention

    Don't worry, our technicians carry all the necessary parts to replace both the front and rear pads and discs. If there's a small price difference then we will tell you before we start the work and we either credit you or take the extra payment. We have you covered!

General Information

  • I need to re-arrange my booking

    At Brakefit Mobile we understand sometimes the best made plans need to change.

    As long as you inform us via email with your booking reference 24hrs or more prior to your booking we can either re-schedule your appointment at no cost.

    If the change of booking time is within 24hrs of the original appointment we can reschedule without charge however if a cancellation is requested within 24hrs of the original appointment a £25 cancellation fee will be applied.

  • Are your technicians employed by Brakefit or subcontractors

    Brakefit mobile are proud that all our technicians are fully employed by Brakefit and only work for us. We wont contract out your repair to the local "have a go" mechanic.

  • How long will the work take?

    As a rough guide front brake pads will take approximately 30minutes and pads and discs to the front and rear approximately 60 minutes.

  • How much space do you need to carry out the work?

     In order to maintain the safety of our technician we request that approximately 1m of clear space is maintained around your vehicle whilst the repairs are being carried out.

  • Do you come to my home or office?

    Brakefit mobile will visit you at home, work or even the super market to carry out the repairs. All we request is that you are punctual on the day so as not to delay our technician and to ensure a clear working space around your vehicle for there safety.

  • Are you insured ?

    Brakefit mobile have comprehensive public indemnity and liability insurance.

  • What parts do you use?

     All parts & Oils fitted by Brakefit Mobile are either to the same quality as the original vehicle manufacturer (OEM) would have supplied when new or better!

    For peace of mind all our parts are covered for 12 months against defects.

  • Are Brakefit mechanics qualified?

    All our technicians are trained in Automotive maintenance and repair. However we don't top there! Our in house training concentrates on brake repair and servicing ensuring we are the authority on understanding, diagnosing and repairing your brakes in the fastest and most economical manner.

  • Is there a warranty/ guarantee?

    We offer a comprehensive warranty and guarantee on all our parts and labour for 12 months from the date of fitting.

  • Can you fit my own parts I have purchased elsewhere / supplied myself?

    Brakefit Mobile policy is NOT to fit parts supplied by our customers. Our reasons for this are two fold. Firstly we need to be able to warranty the parts and labour and if we fit parts from an unknown source we cannot offer this support. Secondly BrakeFit would invalidate the terms of our insurance cover fitting parts that potentially do not meet our high performance criteria.

  • I have entered the wrong vehicle registration / incorrect vehicle details when making an online booking, what do I do?

    Please contact us on to amend your booking.

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