Air Conditioning Recharge Service
& Antibacterial Clean

from £35


Keep your car cool in the summer and your windows demisted in the winter with our advanced 3 stage air conditioning service. Keeps your system bacteria, odour and leak free.

Why choose our bolt on services?

If you have chosen one of our brake replacement or brake check options, why not have our expert technician service your car or van at the same time? Our technicians are trained to the highest industry standards using the latest test and diagnostic equipment and we only use manufacturer recommended oils and parts in all our Bolt on options.

What does the Air Conditioning Recharge Service & Antibacterial Clean include?

On average, your vehicle's heating and cooling system will need to be serviced or re-gassed every 1-2 years. However a notable lack of ice cold air on demand would indicate that the air Conditioning system requires inspection and re-gassing to ensure reliable and satisfactory operation. In addition if your air conditioning has an unpleasant odour it would indicate that there is a bacteria build up throughout the system.

How often your car air con is re-gassed and anti-bacterial cleansed will eliminate the amount of potential problems you may have in the future.

Our checklist includes the following 

Check the air conditioning system for obvious leaks tick
Locate the low pressure charging port on the refrigerant line on your car and recharge with refrigerant to the manufacturers recommendation tick
Check the air from the AC vents in the car. It should be blowing cold (38-45 degrees) tick
Anti – Bacterial cycle the air conditioning to remove any odors and lingering bacteria in the system tick

How does it work?

  • Choose your Core service
  • Select any additional Bolt on services required
  • One of our specialist brake technicians will visit you at your chosen time and location be that at home or work