Windscreen Wiper Replacement

from £12


If your wipers are squealing and smearing dirt across your windscreen it indicates the rubber is worn and require replacement

Why choose our bolt on services?

If you have chosen one of our brake replacement or brake check options, why not have our expert technician service your car or van at the same time? Our technicians are trained to the highest industry standards using the latest test and diagnostic equipment and we only use manufacturer recommended oils and parts in all our Bolt on options.

What does the Windscreen Wiper Replacement include?

Making sure that your windscreen wiper blades are in good condition is vital at any time of the year, but especially in winter. Remember, your wipers are the only parts that can help keep your windscreen clear of debris and water during bad weather conditions. They can help improve your vision of the road and help keep you safe. Remember at Brakefit we only use Original Equipment replacement parts

Signs your Wiperblades need replacing
Streaking: blades that are in good condition should clear the rainwater from the windscreen effortlessly tick
Unusual noises: windscreen wipers should operate with minimal noise or ideally should be silent tick
Irregular movement: wiper blades which are in good condition will move smoothly across the windscreen tick
Ragged or distorted blades: Where the blade makes contact with the glass, should prompt you to replace them immediately tick

How does it work?

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