Winter Check (Basic)

from £25


Be winter ready with our 14-point check including coolant, antifreeze and windscreen wash replacement/ top up, battery life check and new wipers to front and rear windscreens.

Why choose our bolt on services?

If you have chosen one of our brake replacement or brake check options, why not have our expert technician service your car or van at the same time? Our technicians are trained to the highest industry standards using the latest test and diagnostic equipment and we only use manufacturer recommended oils and parts in all our Bolt on options

What does the Winter Safety check (Basic) include?

Our Winter Safety check (Basic) should be your first point of call to ensure your vehicle has the minimum checks required to keep your running safely through the winter months

Our checklist includes the following

Winter Safety Check
Starting at only £25 Basic Advanced
Top up windscreen washer fluid tick tick
Check windscreen wiper function tick tick
Check windscreen washer function. Align jets if required tick tick
Check headlight washer function (Where fitted) tick tick
Check exterior lights & lamps tick tick
Check battery  tick tick
Full tyre inspection (tread and pressure)  tick tick
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Function Check (TPMS) tick tick
Check Windscreen for significant cracks or chips tick
Check battery wiring & grease terminals tick tick
Check seat belts tick tick
Replace front windscreen wipers tick tick
Replace rear windscreen wipers tick tick
Check brake fluid for contamination tick tick
Check climate control/ air con system tick
Recharge air conditioning system tick
Top up engine oil  tick
Top up Coolant tick
Top up brake fluid tick