30 Point Brake Check

from £25


If you are experiencing issues with your brakes, if they’ve stopped working properly or if your stopping distance has suddenly reduced or is worsening over time then we suggest one of our specialist brake technicians visit you at home or work to carry out a comprehensive 30-point brake check.

At a low cost of just £25, our 30-point Essex brakes check is excellent value for money. Plus, if we do find an issue that you then have repaired with us (within 30 days of the check taking place) we will take the cost of this check off of your final bill.

At BrakeFit Mobile we always conduct our business with honesty and integrity. One of our goals as a company is to provide our customers with the best service possible, and this all starts with our 30-point brake check Essex. This comprehensive and concise check has been designed in-house by our team of experts, all of whom have a great deal of experience within the engineering and/or repairs industry. As you can see by our Trustpilot and Google reviews, customer service is extremely important to all of us here at BrakeFit Mobile. Our Essex brakes check service is efficient and always fulfils a genuine need – we never recommend work that does not need doing

What does our 30 point brake inspection cover?

  • The Travel Of The Brake Pedal - We will sit in the vehicle and directly test the functionality and the travel of your brake pedal. The movement and "feel" of the pedal can be an early indication of component wear or failure. If the pedal touches the floor then a repair may be required immediately.
  • Pads And Shoes - We will measure the brake pads or your brake shoes for wear and check for damage, general wear and tear, as well as any associated issues, both common and uncommon.
  • Wheel Cylinder - We will assess the condition of the wheel cylinder. This includes an examination for signs of oil leaks and air ingress.
  • Disc Brake Callipers - We will examine the callipers for signs of degradation to the seals, oil leaks and/or rust. Any of these issues can result in a poor or reduced brake performance, which will only worsen with time.
  • Precision Inspection - We will use a calibrated digital calliper to complete a precise inspection of all of your major braking components. The findings are then checked against manufacturers tolerances and criteria.
  • Handbrake - Whilst your vehicle is static, we will assess the handbrake. We will operate this manually to check for excessive travel of the handbrake itself, as too much travel outside of the pre-defined range will result in a failed MOT. We will also make sure it is in good working condition.
  • Brake Fluid - We will use a digital test instrument which will enable us to accurately determine if your fluid needs topping up or if it needs a complete replacement.
  • Visual Inspection - We will carry out a comprehensive visual inspection. This ensures that any obvious braking system issues are picked up and then identified.

Our brake checklist includes the following:

Having your brakes checked in Essex needn’t result in a tiresome trip to the high-street garage or mainstream dealer.

Our 30-point brake check is split into 5 distinct categories. Below we have broken down each category in detail, what follows is a list of everything that our brake service covers:

Inside the vehicle
Check brake warning/ABS/handbrake light for correct function tick
Check handbrake for excessive travel and operation tick
Check brake pedal rubber for excessive wear tick
Using diagnostics equipment to check brake related fault codes tick
Check operation of electronic parking brake (EPB) where fitted tick
Outside the vehicle
Check the condition of all brake callipers for leaks, corrosion, damage and wear tick
Check thickness of all pads/shoes to ensure they meet minimum safety requirements tick
Check thickness of all discs to ensure they meet minimum safety requirements tick
Inspection of all rigid pipes for kinks, damage wear and leaks tick
Inspection of all flexible brake hoses for kinks, damage wear and leaks tick
Check operation of brake lights with brake pedal tick
Engine Bay
Check fluid condition using diagnostic equipment for contamination tick
Check fluid master cylinder cap seals correctly and maintains system pressure tick
Check fluid master cylinder for leaks tick
Check fluid is within the minimum and maximum limits tick
Check fluid master cylinder is securely fitted tick
Inspection of all rigid brake pipes for kinks, damage wear and leaks tick
Inspection of all flexible brake hoses for kinks, damage wear and leaks tick
Under the Vehicle
Visually check condition of brake cables, rods, levers and linkages tick
Final Checks
Provide a comprehensive report on brake condition. tick