Mobile Brake Disc Replacement In Essex

from £199


If you have noticed that your brakes are making a distinctive grinding sound, or if you’re suddenly experiencing a pulsing feeling radiating through your pedal, then it could be time to get yourself a brake disc replacement. Its paramount that you get your brake discs checked if you notice something out of the ordinary.

Here at BrakeFit Mobile, we specialise in brake disc replacements in Essex. Included in this brake disc replacement service will be the provision of brand-new brake pads.

Thankfully, brake discs are designed to last almost twice as long as brake pads. This is owing to the nature of the material (cast iron, or a reinforced carbon) and their inherent ability to withstand larger amounts of pressure over longer periods of time. When the brake pads start to really degrade, exceeding the wear limit, the steel brake pad backing will begin damaging and scoring the brake discs, this will reduce their effectiveness and quickly becomes unsafe. Once you have noticed that your discs are degrading, it is vital that you resolve this issue as soon as you can. The main warning signs will be a grinding or a pulsing sensation coming from the brake pedal, either under pressure/in use or otherwise, leaning to one side under braking or screeching under braking. We provide a full brake disc replacement service (you can also choose to just have your front or your rear brake discs replaced) and as such we include free brake pads (inclusive of fitting) with every new brake disc replacement that we provide.

When do I need a brake disc replacement?

When you hear a grinding or screeching noise upon applying or using your brakes tick
Feeling a vibrating sensation either at/around the brake pedal or steering wheel tick
Your ABS warning light remains consistently on tick
Your brake warning light is on for an extended period of time tick
Your vehicle pulls or leans to one side under braking tick
Your brake pedal is unusually close to the floor tick
The brake discs have a "blue" colour to the surface indicating overheating tick
Your brakes stick or are jerking tick
There is a burning smell when braking tick
Brakes feel hard or non-responsive tick

What will be included in my brake disc replacement service?

One of our highly qualified technicians will start by carrying out the BrakeFit Mobile 30-point comprehensive brake inspection test that has been designed to fully assess the braking system (this will only be done at this stage if it has not already been carried out) tick
We will remove and dispose of the worn and/or damaged brake discs, as well as the brake pads and any other components that need removing and replacing tick
We'll inspect the calliper and the torque plate in detail so as to determine whether or not the calliper is operating freely (i.e. whether or not there are stuck callipers) tick
The new brake discs will then be installed, we will also install any new parts that are needed, such as anti-chatter clips and brake pads tick
We will lubricate all applicable brake system components, such as the calliper sliding pins, proceeding to fully inspecting the condition of the brake fluid and adding more if it is required tick
An important part of this process is the visual sanity check of all newly installed components This ensures our technicians are wholly satisfied with the installation and with the health of the vehicle tick
We'll then make sure to reset where appropriate any/all dashboard wear indicators/ warning lights - we know how annoying these can be! tick
Finally, we will test drive your vehicle ourselves so that the full success of the brake disc replacement is ensured, once completed, we will hand you back the keys tick

How does a brake disc replacement work?

  • One of our specialist brake technicians will visit you at your chosen time and location be that at home or work
  • We will replace your brake discs (including pads) and inspect the rest of the braking system for correct operation
  • We'll carefully document and issue a comprehensive report giving you full details of the condition of your braking system and the repair that's been carried out