Brake Disc Replacement

from £199


If your brakes are making a grinding noise or there is a pulsing felt through the brake pedal we recommend you have your discs replaced immediately (Brake pads are included with this service)

Brake discs usually last twice as long as brake pads, which usually means you need to replace the discs every other brake service. However if you notice a grinding or pulsing through the brake pedal it would suggest the pads have exceeded their wear limit and have damaged the discs. The only remedy for this is to have both the discs and pads replaced to restore the braking efficiency and safety of the vehicle. This service includes replacement brake pads as fitting worn pads to new discs will reduce braking efficiency and stopping distance

At Brakefit mobile we only use quality branded parts and all our work including parts are guaranteed against defect for 1 year from fitting

What are the signs my brake discs require replacing?

Grinding or screeching when brakes applied tick
Vibration at the brake pedal or steering wheel tick
ABS warning light remains illuminated tick
Brake warning light remains illuminated tick
Vehicle pulls to one side when braking tick
Brake pedal is close to the floor tick
Discs have a “blue” colour to the surface indicating overheating tick
Brakes are sticking or jerking tick
Burning smell when braking tick
Brakes feel hard or non-responsive tick

What does the Brake disc (including pads) replacement include?

Carry out the Brakefit mobile 30 - point comprehensive brake inspection to assess the full braking system (only if not already been carried out) tick
Remove worn brake components including brake pads and discs tick
Inspect the calliper, and torque plate to determine if the caliper is operating freely (i.e., inspect for stuck callipers) tick
Install new pads and any included recommended components such as anti chatter clips etc tick
Lubricate brake system components, such as caliper sliding pins, and inspect the condition of the brake fluid. Top off brake fluid as required tick
Carry out a visual sanity check of all newly installed components tick
Reset where appropriate any dashboard wear indicators/ warning lights tick
Test drive the vehicle to confirm normal operation of the brake system tick
Customer handback tick

How does it work?

  • One of our specialist brake technicians will visit you at your chosen time and location be that at home or work
  • We will replace your brake discs (including pads) and inspect the rest of the braking system for correct operation
  • Carefully document and issue a comprehensive report giving you full details of the condition of your braking system and the repair that’s been carried out