Brake Fluid Change & Flush

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BrakeFit mobile carried out over 2000 brake fluid changes in Essex 2018 with approximately half being due to the vehicle having failed its yearly MOT with the brake fluid being major defect.

Changing the brake fluid in your vehicle is vital for the long-term health of your entire braking system. Brake fluid is one of the most overlooked elements of vehicle maintenance and essentially one of the most important when it comes to the efficient and safe braking of your vehicle. It operates under extreme pressures and temperatures and therefore is easily depleted over time – the fluid is actually what brings your vehicle to a stop when you press down on the pedal. A brake fluid flush Essex can make sure that your brakes are fully functional and working properly.

Brake fluid change as a service

Brake fluid change Essex is a very important service that will keep your brakes healthy. It is important that you have your brake fluid changed and/or a brake fluid flush whenever you have your brakes or your vehicle serviced, or if you have another affiliate service with us. Our technicians are well equipped to assess if you are eligible or in need of this service, trained to the highest standards they’ll give you an honest assessment of your braking system. To perform your assessment, as well as your brake fluid change Essex, we make use of the latest technology and industry knowledge, combined with advanced test and diagnostic equipment. We also only use manufacturer recommended parts, oils and components.

What does the brake fluid change & flush include?  

About town driving and heavy braking all contribute to the deterioration of the fluid. In addition moisture contamination and generated heat will affect your vehicles stopping distances with time. Brake fluid should be changed as a minimum every two years or 24,000 miles however if you regularly drive in town or in harsh environment’s this period should be lessened.

Why you need a brake fluid change and flush

As you use your brakes, the fluid will naturally degrade. Heavy braking will of course speed up the process, though no matter what your driving style your brake fluid will need replacing over a degree of time. The fluid itself can also suffer from moisture contamination, which it absorbs from the air. Also, the heat that is generated as a result of braking will over time affect the longevity of your brake fluid. Once this process has reached a certain point your vehicles stopping distance will reduce, and you may also notice that your brakes are not as efficient as they were before. It is recommended by most mechanics that you have your brake fluid changed Essex every two years or when you have travelled around 24,000 miles. However, if you drive an above average amount, find yourself braking heavily often or drive in harsh environments then this time period and the miles will naturally reduce. It is also important to mention that every vehicle will use brake fluid differently. Contaminated brake fluid is also considered a MOT failure.

Our brake fluid change and flush checklist includes the following

We will:
Remove the degraded/ contaminated fluid from the master cylinder reservoir tick
Perform a full clean on the reservoir and check the area for leaks tick
Fill the master cylinder with new and clean premium quality brake fluid tick
Bleed the new brake fluid through each calliper, this will essentially flush the system completely with the new brake fluid tick
Re-top up the master cylinder reservoir tick
Finally, removing all waste and excess oil tick