Mobile Brake Pads Replacement In Essex

from £119


Has your brake warning light suddenly come on? Has it started to flash unexpectedly at you? Maybe you've noticed that your brakes are screeching, grinding or just aren't working as well as they should? If any of these apply to you, then you may need to have your brake pads replaced. Thankfully, you've come to the right place! Here at BrakeFit we specialise in brake pad replacement in Essex.

If your 30-point brake check, local garage or MOT has revealed that you need your brake pads replaced (either a full or a partial brake pad replacement – front or back) then it is important that you replace your brake pads as soon as you can. This is because having pads that are on their wear limit can be potentially dangerous to other road users, your family and yourself should they fail. In addition, poor-quality brake pads can lead to a failed MOT and scored brake discs, which can ultimately incur greater cost than just having the pads replaced when you hear the initial warning signs.

When your brake pads start to wear you may notice:

1. A distinctive grinding sound – this will be because the pad has worn right down to the steel backing plate and all the “friction” or braking material has been used

2. A squeaking sound from one or all of the brakes – this can occur for various reasons, including worn pads, contaminated pads, previously poorly installed brake components and also when the calliper itself has stuck to the brake pad through excessive heat. On occasions it might be a wear indicator that is designed to squeak when the brake pads need replacing (some newer cars have this feature). Either way, squeaking brakes should always be investigated

3. There are also other signs – we recommend that if anything feels unusual or changes suddenly, you get it checked out as soon as you can

Having your brake pads replaced in Essex can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Many well-known high-street garages can overcomplicate the situation. This often leads to inflated and unnecessary charges - with the cost of this relatively simple service rising to an eye watering premium. BrakeFit Mobile think differently – we believe that brake pad replacement costs in Essex should be fair and transparent. Our mission is to provide customers with a brake pad replacement service in Essex that is simple and straightforward – at a location of the customer’s choice, be that at home or the workplace.

How do I know when I need a brake pad replacement?

Screeching or unusual noises coming from your brakes tick
Vibration at the brake pedal or in the steering wheel area tick
ABS warning light remains illuminated tick
Brake warning light remains illuminated tick
Vehicle pulls to one side when braking tick
Brake pedal is close to the floor tick
Vehicle takes a long time to stop or brake pads feel less responsive tick
Brakes are sticking or jerking tick
Burning smell when braking tick
Brakes feel spongy or soft when the brake pedal is pressed tick

What will a brake pad replacement include?

To start the brake pad replacement process, we will first carry out our BrakeFit mobile 30 - point brake inspection test as this will allow us to fully assess the braking system tick
We will then inspect the brake disc surface that contacts the brake pad itself - we are looking for scoring, pitting, grooves and rust. We’ll then measure the brake disc with precision tools for thickness variation, run-out and warpage tick
Next, we will inspect the calliper, torque plate, brake pads, and the discs to determine if the calliper is operating freely tick
We'll then proceed to completing the brake pad replacement This installation will also include us installing any other recommended components, such as anti-chatter clips tick
We will lubricate the entire brake system, inclusive of components such as calliper sliding pins. Then we will inspect the condition of the brake fluid adding where necessary tick
Our technician will then complete a visual sanity check of all the newly installed components ensuring that they are seated correctly and looking how they are supposed to look, they'll also reset for you any dashboard or warning lights that may have remained on/active tick
Finally, we will test drive your vehicle for you so that we are (and so that you are also) 100% certain that the issues have been resolved and that your brake pads have been replaced successfully tick
The last step: we will hand you back your keys and activate your 1-year warranty tick

If you want to ensure your vehicle stops effectively, efficiently and most importantly safely, then contact us at the first signs of brake pad wear. This will be indicated via the dashboard brake warning light coming on, and of course any grinding, screeching or squealing noises when the brake pedal is applied.

We only use the best quality branded or original equipment (OE) brake parts and components when changing brake pads or administering a brake pad replacement. As an absolute minimum the parts we install are to the same quality specification as what was fitted by the manufacturer when the vehicle was new. In nearly all instances however the quality of the brake pads and brake discs that BrakeFit Mobile fit far exceed this.

In addition, when you have your brake pads changed with us here at Mobile BrakeFit we also include a one-year parts and labour guarantee (that is active one year from the fitting date) that protects your new brakes and its constituent parts from defects and failures.

How does a brake pad replacement work?

  • Once you have booked your brake pad replacement slot, one of our specialist brake technicians will visit you at your chosen location in Essex, whether this be at your office, in your home, or somewhere else entirely - (we also operate outside of Essex). They will also conduct this visit within your chosen timeframe so that you can plan your day accordingly.
  • We will then proceed to changing your brake pads, completing the brake pad replacement process in a timely manner whilst conducting each of the steps that we have listed above. This includes installation, inspection, and a test drive so that no matter what you can be satisfied that we have successfully completed the job at hand to the best of our ability.
  • We'll carefully document and make notes of the issue that led us to replacing your brake pads, compiling a comprehensive report off of the back our visit. This will give you full details of your brake system, the brake pad replacement itself and information regarding the repair that has been carried out by our specialists.