Brake Shoe Replacement

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Drum/parking brake shoes are an often-overlooked part of the brake system, however they still have a critical role to play in your brakes ability to hold the vehicle static and in terms of stopping.

If you notice a change in the way the parking brake lever feels (easier or harder to pull), if there is excessive travel or a “high” handbrake, or if the car rolls after applying the brakes, you should immediately get the drum brakes inspected and replaced if necessary.

Unfortunately, drum brakes Essex can be susceptible to heat generation, which can have an adverse effect on braking performance. If the drum is subjected to a long period of hard braking the heat generated can cause the drum itself to expand, meaning that the brake shoes have to be pressed farther outwards to press against the drum’s inner surface. This gives the car what is termed as a 'long pedal', because the driver has to press it farther down to get the same braking performance.

Drum brakes Essex can also be susceptible to water ingress. If water gets into the drum it can end up being compressed between the brake shoe and the inside of the brake drum and will have an adverse effect on the length of time it will take a vehicle to stop. Unlike a drilled disc brake, there’s nowhere for the water to go, so it will continue to affect braking performance until sufficient heat is generated to vaporize the water. Only then will full braking be resumed.

Essentially brake shoes Essex play a very important role in vehicles that have a drum brake system fitted. Overlooking the brake shoes (and not changing brake shoes when required) can affect the way in which your car holds when static. If you suddenly notice that your parking brake level feels different in any way, perhaps it is easier or harder to pull or travels much further in either direction than it is supposed to, or it may have started to roll once this brake has been applied – then it is vital that you get your brake shoes replaced Essex as soon as you are able.

At BrakeFit mobile we only use quality branded parts and all our work including parts are guaranteed against defect for 1 year from fitting. In addition, we have over 2000 sets of brake shoes at our warehouse in Essex ready for next day fitting.

A 1-year parts and labour guarantee from the date of fitting is active on all of our services and fitting throughout Essex.

How do I know when I need my brake shoes replaced Essex?

Your vehicle will:

Roll to the left or to the right when the parking brake is applied tick
Have a brake lever that feels higher or lower than usual when operated tick
Experience a reduced braking function, which could also feel stiff or grind when used tick
Have an ABS warning light that is on consistently or flashing tick
Have a brake warning light that is on consistently or flashing tick

What does our brake shoe replacement service include?

Our brake shoe replacement service in Essex includes our unique 30 - point comprehensive brake inspection. This will allow our technician to fully assess the entirety of your braking system tick
We will inspect the brake shoes themselves by operating the parking brake and removing the rear brake discs to allow the investigation of the brake shoes tick
We will inspect the discs and the brake shoe mechanisms. This will include the springs, adjustment mechanism and cable connections. We’ll also check the system for seized or incorrect operation tick
We will completely remove any brake dust and debris, installing your brand-new brake shoes tick
We will fully lubricate all of the brake system components, such as the adjustment mechanism, cams and points at which the shoes sit against back plates tick
We will conduct a complete visual sanity check of all the newly installed components tick
We will reset for you any and all dashboard wear indicators/warning lights tick
Test drive the vehicle to confirm normal operation of the brake system tick
Hand you back your keys! tick

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