Brake Shoe Replacement

from £30


If you notice your car doesn’t hold well when the parking brake is applied or there is excessive travel on the handbrake it could be a signal that your parking brakes require replacement

Parking brake shoes are the most overlooked part of the brake system, however still have a critical role to play in your vehicles ability to hold the vehicle static. If you notice a change in the way parking brake lever feels (easier or harder to pull), or if the car rolls after applying the brakes, you should immediately get the parking brakes inspected and replaced.

At Brakefit mobile we only use quality branded parts and all our work including parts are guaranteed against defect for 1 year from fitting.

What are the signs my Parking brake shoes require replacing?

Vehicle rolls when parking brake is applied tick
Parking brake feels high when operated tick
Parking brake function feels stiff or grinds when operated tick
ABS warning light remains illuminated tick
Brake warning light remains illuminated tick

What does the Parking brake shoes replacement include?  

Carry out the Brakefit mobile 30 - point comprehensive brake inspection to assess the full braking system (only if not already been carried out) tick
Inspect parking brake shoes by operating the parking brake and removing the rear brake discs to allow inspection of the shoes tick
Inspect the discs and brake shoe mechanism (springs, adjustment mechanism and cable connections) for seized or incorrect operation tick
Remove brake dust and debris and install new brake shoes tick
Lubricate brake system components, such as adjustment mechanism, cams and points at which shoes sit against back plates tick
Carry out a visual sanity check of all newly installed components tick
Reset where appropriate any dashboard wear indicators/ warning lights tick
Test drive the vehicle to confirm normal operation of the brake system. tick
Customer handback tick

How does it work

  • One of our specialist brake technicians will visit you at your chosen time and location be that at home or work  
  • We will replace your Parking brake shoes and inspect the rest of the braking system for correct operation  
  • Carefully document and issue a comprehensive report giving you full details of the condition of your braking system and the repair that’s been carried out