Your Brembo Brake Pad Upgrade

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Brembo brake pads are for those drivers out there who want the very best from their car when it comes to performance and safety. With an extremely high level of manufacturing quality and advanced materials to match, Brembo are one of the only names you need to know in the brake industry.

BrakeFit Mobile are proud to be one of only a few brake specialists in Essex to have earned the prestigious “Brembo Expert” accreditation of professionalism. Passing their rigorous requirements on fitting and mechanical competence.

Brembo have been making superb brakes and components since the 1960’s, and it shows in the Brembo brake pads Essex that we stock here at BrakeFit Mobile. Widely considered an intelligent upgrade to any stock brakes that are included with your vehicle, comprised of over 100 different compounds, Brembo brake pads will minimise the braking noise (owing to the unique composition of rubber-steel and insulation) and will maximise the effectiveness of your brakes. All of the Brembo brake pads Essex that we fit will meet at the very minimum, Brembo’s own rigorous requirements for safety and quality.

If you have ambitions towards speed, control as well as safety then the Brembo brake pad is a smart choice and worth consideration. These pads can offer a superior level of performance, especially when compared to their less reputable counterparts (as well as stock pads included with new cars). They can demonstrate incredible cold start performance without the need to warm up and are therefore also proficient in colder temperatures and more humid climates. This means that your new Brembo brake pads Essex are better at low speeds, with a constant friction in all temperatures. Pad and disc wear is kept to minimum – improving the cost effectiveness of the Brembo brake pads.

Why choose brembo brake pads Essex?

They employ thorough testing procedures on the road and in the lab tick
They are trusted by countless drivers from all over the world for both track and road use tick
They employ superior design and materials to reduce vibrations and noise tick
They have thermal scorching which minimises run in and fade tick
They have an advanced and unique under layer which adds to the noise dampening and heat shielding which in turn reduces heat transfer and improves braking performance tick
They are used by many premium vehicle manufacturers as the standard equipment tick
Over 1000 Brembo Brake pad variants in stock at our warehouse in Essex ready for next day fitting tick

What will your brembo brake pad instillation include?

We will start your instillation by conducting our comprehensive 30 - point brake inspection. This will allow us to fully and completely assess your braking system tick
We will inspect the calliper, torque plate and the brake discs (essentially all components that work alongside your and/or within your new braking system). We will also check to see if calliper is operating freely tick
We will then install for you your brand new Brembo brake pads Essex, alongside any included/recommended/desired components required such as wear sensors etc tick
We will then lubricate all brake system components, such as calliper sliding pins, then inspecting the condition of the brake fluid adding more if this is required tick
We then visually inspect all newly installed components to ensure that they are in full working order tick
Finally, we will test drive your vehicle to make sure that your new Brembo brake pads are working perfectly, and once this has been complete, we will hand you back your keys, and you are ready to go. tick

BrakeFit Mobile – Your Brembo expert in Essex